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Defending Your Rights
Experienced. Determined. Effective.

The firm was established in 2001 by Attorney Eugene Zingaro and Attorney Donald Cretella. Gene and Don attended Fairfield University together where they became lifelong friends and had similar goals of building a law firm that is committed to providing passionate, knowledgeable and invaluable representation to all of their clients. With dedicated and accomplished associates, they have not only been able to meet that goal but have exceeded it.  

With more than 70 years of combined experience, Zingaro & Cretalla, LLC are more than qualified to represent you or your loved one’s best interests. They have primarily focused on criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation. Through the years they have had an abundance of success getting exceptional results. Zingaro & Cretalla, LLC offer free consultations to help you better evaluate the risks and understand your options. Call today to get an aggressive, skilled lawyer on your side!

I Highly recommend this law firm! Don Cretella will take excellent care of you! - Timmy B.
WHY  Zingaro & Cretella, LLC?

We have 70+ years of experience defending our clients: