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Negotiation. That is the primary function of an attorney.  Communication with the State or Federal prosecutor in good faith is essential.   A good attorney will exhaust all resources to negotiate a fair and reasonable compromise for his client.  What happens, however, if the government is being unreasonable or will not negotiate in good faith? What happens if an agreement is not possible…a compromise out of the question?  This is when you need a trial lawyer.  This is when you need Zingaro & Cretella, LLC.

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Criminal Defense

Never face the prosecutor alone or agree to a deal without speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney.


Trying to battle the immense resources of the federal government is an overwhelming endeavor.


We support our clients by listening to their desired outcomes and work within the legal guidelines to quickly develop your resolutions.


From auto accidents, slips and falls, work accidents to dog bite cases, we have fought and received millions in settlements for our clients.