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Normally, you learn you are the target of a federal arrest when the government knocks down your door at five a.m.
This type of wake up call is...
a rude awakening, your life is tipped upside down, and you are probably thinking what next? 
The answer is...

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Is there a Difference between a State Case and a Federal Case?
The Simple Answer is yes!

Federal investigations are very different than state investigations. First, unlike its state counterpart, the federal government has virtually unlimited resources when conducting an investigation. Second, they are staffed with more experienced agents and investigators. Due to this, federal crimes usually have higher conviction rates and carry harsher sentences, including stiff mandatory minimum sentences. Oftentimes, these stiffer mandatory sentences involve drug conspiracy cases or the use of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense or violent crime.

Trying to battle the immense resources of the federal government is an overwhelming endeavor, and an experienced federal defense attorney is essential. The best time to get legal advice is prior to being arrested, charged, or served with a grand jury subpoena. However, if you learn that you are a person of interest, witness or target to a federal investigation, you must contact an experienced attorney now! At Zingaro, Cretella & Rasile, we are here to help you through this difficult and troubling time.

Drug Trafficking &
the Controlled Substances Act
Firearm Offenses
Call Zingaro, Cretella & Rasile, we are here to help you through this difficult and troubling time!
Call an experienced federal criminal defense attorney

If the FBI arrives at your home or business, remain silent, do not answer any questions and request to speak with Connecticut federal criminal defense attorney. Anything that you say to the FBI can be used against you, we cannot stress the importance of silence and let an experienced fed criminal defense attorney to speak on your behalf.

FBI agents spend years training on a variety of methods to pull information from those they are investigating. We understand the pressure you feel to answer, however we cannot stress enough that under any circumstance to remain silent. Remember, your legal rights allow you to answer, “I am exercising my right to legal counsel”.

The moment you learn of or know you are being investigated, don’t waste another moment and call a federal criminal defense attorney. Often times, federal agents begin to ask questions of business colleagues, family members and friends. The sooner you contact an lawyer, our options increase expodentially in regard to avoiding criminal charges.

Your best option is to speak with a Connecticut Federal Criminal Defense attorney if you seek the best favorable outcome. Without a proper defense strategy and experienced representation, you know very little about the evidence they have against you. Do the right thing and contact an experienced lawyer.

Reality is, maybe. All serious federal criminal activities come with possible prison time, however an experienced federal criminal defense attorney has the defense strategies you need to mitigate your risk of prison time. Call for a free consultation so we can learn the details of your case so we can help.